Wedding accessories for all styles

The right wedding accessories will make your whole bridal look really stand out.  The key is finding a balance between how much is enough and how much is too much.  Coco Chanel once said "when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on."  She was right.  We women tend to overdo it, which actually detracts from our overall look rather than elegantly enhancing it.

A few examples:

  • With a beaded bodice then you may prefer to wear larger earrings without a necklace.
  • With a plain bodice you may opt for a striking necklace and smaller subtle earrings.
  • Smaller earrings work better if you're wearing a veil.

BrideAs we said about the wedding dress, you should be the show-stopper, so you need to choose wedding accessories that complement what you're wearing without attracting too much attention.

Choosing the right wedding accessories

Wedding Bouquet
The style of wedding bouquet you select impacts on the overall look of your wedding dress.  Because you hold a bouquet around the waist area, you need to think carefully about how much bulk you want in that area.  Have a look at our wedding bouquet page for some handy tips.

A veil or tiara is one of the more traditional wedding accessories and if you're going for the princess look, is an absolute necessity.

If you intend to wear a sleek, modern design of wedding dress then you may prefer to choose a headpiece, fascinator or flowers for a more modern overall look.

A couple of pointers for selecting veils:

  • The slimmer the cut and line of your dress, the longer your veil should be.
  • The fuller the skirt of your dress, the wider and fuller your veil should be.
  • The more detailed your dress, the less detailed your veil or tiara should be, and vice versa.

Use jewelry with purpose as a highlight to draw the eye up to your face.  It's pointless to wear jewelry just because it looks pretty, as that will surely lead to wearing way too much.  As a bride you want to look elegant.  Think striking necklace or striking earrings, but definitely not both.

Lingerie is the foundation for your dress.  It can pull you in wear you need it and prop you up where you need it.  It should support your dress, smooth out lumps and bumps, and help give you clean lines.  When choosing your lingerie, ask a lingerie specialist for their advice and be sure to try the lingerie on under the dress well in advance to make sure it achieves what you need it to.

Wedding shoes should tone in with your overall outfit and the heel height must suit the length of your dress.  Wedding accessories

As you will be spending many hours on your feet, the most important things to consider when choosing your shoes are:

  • You can walk in them naturally, they don't slip off or aren't too tight.
  • They are comfortable and you have a little room to move as your feet will swell after a few hours of standing.

Including something old, something new... in your wedding accessories

Something Old
Wear a piece of family heirloom jewelry
Use lace from your mother's wedding dress in yours
An antique handkerchief, veil or tiara

Something New
Your wedding dress

Something Borrowed
Your friend's veil
An evening clutch
Bridal shoes

Something Blue
Incorporate some blue in your jewelry, shoes, flowers, or even detailing on your dress
Garter under your dress
Sapphire engagement or wedding ring