Wedding ceremony ideas

These days there are so many wedding ceremony ideas to choose from.  Do you want to be married in a church?  Do you tie the knot on a beach?  Or would you prefer some other location that has special meaning for you and your fiancé?

The first decision you have to make, which can affect the location of your wedding ceremony, is whether or not it will be a religious service.  Some ministers will not conduct marriage services outside of their church.  Of course, there are others that will.

If you do choose a religious wedding ceremony, and you and your fiancé are not of the same religion, you also need to consider what rules the church has about interfaith marriages.  In some instances this can mean one person having to convert.

Who should officiate my wedding ceremony?

Lakeside wedding ceremonyWhether you have a minister or a celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony is a very personal decision and there are no right or wrong choices.  It is based entirely on what suits you and your fiancé.

Many couples are choosing a non-religious wedding ceremony, using a celebrant to officiate. 

Opting for a celebrant gives you more flexibility and control of the format of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony locations

The choice of where to have your wedding ceremony is a challenging one because, quite simply, the alternatives are endless.

Here are some of the more popular wedding ceremony location ideas:

  • In a church
  • On the beach with the waves crashing and sun rising or setting behind you
  • In a beautiful garden or forest
  • At a look-out with a stunning vista for your background
  • In a vineyard
  • On a boat, cruising a calm waterway
  • At a significant building or landmark

You may kiss the brideBefore you decide to have your wedding ceremony standing atop a remote cliff or gathered on a secluded beach, ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Will the minister or celebrant be willing to travel to this location?
  2. How will my guests get to and from this location?
  3. Will this location be accessible for elderly relatives and friends?

When choosing your wedding ceremony location it's also a good idea to consider your wedding photographs.  The ceremony will be the subject of lots of photos so think carefully about your surroundings.

Wedding ceremony tips

  • Book your wedding ceremony location and minister or celebrant early in the wedding planning process to secure the date and time you want.  Popular times of year book out quickly and seemingly everyone wants to be married between 3:00pm and 4:30pm on a Saturday.
  • Outdoor locations are fantastic but make sure you have an inclement weather plan ready to put into action if you need to on the day.
  • Give some thought to accessibility: how will guests get there, and how will they get from there to the reception.