Money-saving decoration ideas

When you think of a wedding you generally envisage flowers everywhere in a beautifully decorated room. Flowers and decorations definitely add ambiance but can also significantly increase your wedding budget.

Below are some money-saving wedding decoration ideas if your budget needs a bit of relief:

Visit your local flower markets

Florists create lovely centerpieces for you but can charge a premium for weddings. Instead, consider visiting your local flower market and having them create your centrepieces. You will generally pay less because they buy flowers in bulk and then on-sell to florists. You will only pay slightly more than wholesale price for the flowers plus a labor fee for arranging them.

Table decorationsAlternatively, buy loose flowers and leaves from the flower markets, which can be placed or scattered on your wedding reception tables. Often the venue staff will be willing to lay these out for you while they're setting the tables. This can be at no or minimal extra cost to you.

If you want something very specific done and the venue isn't willing to assist, then you can enlist some friends for the job. Just be sure to consult with the venue coordinator about access times so your friends can place the decorations for you.

What decorations do your wedding venue have?

Venues that are popular for weddings and gala events usually have some of their own decorative items.

These can include anything from candles, candle holders, strings of lights, colored table cloths and napkins, chair covers and bands/bows, a range of vases and other props already available for you to use. Some venues will include them in your wedding package at no extra cost; others will request a small hire fee.

Visit discount and craft stores

These stores have a huge range of products that, with a little ingenuity on your part, can become amazing decorations and props for your wedding reception tables. Even better, they're often at bargain prices. Craft stores are great for mini painting easels (to display your place cards or menus), beads and ribbons, silk flowers, woven baskets and boxes, and a wide range of decorative paper and cardboard. Items to look out for at discount stores include inexpensive glass bowls, vases, candles and candle holders.