Wedding Budget Calculator

Wedding Budget Calculator is brought to you by Wedding Ideas Guide. It is a simple and elegant way to manage your budget and plan for your big day!

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Features include

★ Standard expense items

Wedding Budget Calculator comes with a standard list of over 50 expense items to track your wedding planning progress.

★ Track costs

Enter your budget and actual amounts against each item. The totals are automatically updated to provide the comparison of your total budget to the total you actually spend.

★ Flexible list

You can add new items during your planning process and remove any items that you don’t need.

★ Wedding notes

Include your notes about any item in the list, such as options available, payment details, and pickup or shipping information.

★ Share

Wedding Budget Calculator includes an email button for sharing the budget with family, friends or organizers via email. You can also use this to send it to your computer for printing.

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"A wedding budget is one thing that you absolutely must have during your wedding planning process. Weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry and expenses can very quickly escalate out of control if you don't make a conscious effort to rein them in by sticking to a wedding budget. We hope that you will find this budget tool an affordable and useful resource for tracking progress towards a sensational wedding day."  - Corinne, Editor, Wedding Ideas Guide