Wedding bouquet - the ultimate accessory

Your wedding bouquet is the most noticeable of all your wedding accessories.  It will appear in countless photos on your wedding day and, because you generally hold it around the waist area, has impact on how your wedding dress looks.

Wedding bouquet style

How do you choose a style for your wedding bouquet?  What you have your heart set on may not work with your wedding dress and body shape.

Some things to consider are: Beautiful wedding bouquet

  • A rounded wedding bouquet (or posy) that is slightly smaller than your waist width will keep the look of your waist area even.
  • Large rounded, teardrop or unstructured shapes increase your waist width.  If too large, it will also overshadow a shorter bride.
  • Arm sheaths, because they tend to be long and thin, are elegant regardless of waist width.

There are many styles for wedding bouquets:

Posies are round in shape and made up of tightly clustered flowers with their natural stems tied with ribbon to form a handle.

As the name suggests, a teardrop is a structured triangular shape that is wide and the top and tapers to a point at the bottom.

A cascade or trailing bouquet is an unstructured shape that is wider at the top, tapering to a narrower bottom.

Arm sheath
Arm sheath refers to a loose bunch of long-stemmed flowers and foliage cradled on your arm.

Alternatives to wedding bouquets

You may prefer something different to a more traditional wedding bouquet.  Here are some ideas:

Single long-stemmed flower
A single rose or lily tied with ribbon can be a stunning (and much cheaper) alternative to a wedding bouquet.

Wrist corsage
This can be one large flower or several smaller flowers (and foliage if you want it) wired to a wrist strap or ribbon and worn like a bracelet.

A ball made of entirely of flower heads, which has a length of ribbon to tie and hang from the wrist.

Individual flowers are wired and then attached to a hair comb or individually pinned into your hair.

Wedding bouquet color

When choosing the color of your bouquet, you want to coordinate with any colors you have chosen for your overall wedding theme as well as coordinating with the color of your wedding dress (and those worn by your bridesmaids).

Bride & bridesmaids' bouquetsYou can choose to match the color of your dress, or your bridesmaids' dresses, or you can choose a wedding bouquet in shades that contrast with your dress in a complementary way.

Light-colored bouquets are beautiful and more traditional but darker shades have a slimming effect because they divert the eye.  To avoid colors that clash, be sure to take along fabric samples when choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Wedding bouquet flowers

The flowers that you choose for your wedding bouquet depend on the look that you want to achieve along with colour and seasonality.

Below is a list of common wedding flowers by their seasonal availability.

Flower Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Agapanthus Yes
Alstroemeria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Andromata Yes
Anemone Yes
Anthurium Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arum lily Yes
Asiatic lilies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Azalea Yes
Azalea Yes
Belladonna lily Yes
Bixia Yes
Blossom Yes
Boronia Yes
Bouvardia Yes
Brunii Yes
Buddleia Yes
Callalily Yes
Camellia Yes Yes
Carnation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Christmas bells Yes
Chrysanthemum (glass house) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cornflower Yes Yes Yes
Daffodil Yes Yes
Dahlia Yes
Daisy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daphne Yes
Delphinium Yes Yes Yes
Earlicheer Yes
Erica Yes
Frangipani Yes
Freesia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gardenia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ginger Yes
Gypsophilia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hyacinth Yes Yes
Hydrangea Yes Yes
Jasmine Yes Yes
Jonquil Yes Yes
Kale Yes
Larkspur Yes
Lavender Yes Yes
Lilac Yes
Lily (lilium) Yes
Lily of the Valley Yes
Lisianthus Yes Yes
Muscari Yes
Oriental lilies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pansy Yes
Peniculata Yes
Peony Yes Yes
Phalaenopsis orchid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pineapple lilies Yes
Poppies Yes Yes Yes
Privetberries Yes Yes
Protea Yes Yes Yes Yes
Queen Anne's lace Yes
Ranunculus Yes
Rhododendron Yes Yes
Roses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rosehip Yes
Singapore orchid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Snapdragon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stephanotis Yes Yes Yes
Stock Yes Yes Yes
Sweet pea Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tuberose Yes Yes
Tulip Yes Yes Yes Yes
Viburnum Yes
Violet Yes
Water lilies Yes Yes

Wedding bouquet tips

  • Green wedding bouquetCheck what flowers are in season for your wedding date.  Flowers that are out of season, if they have to be imported, can be very expensive or not available at all.
  • Allergy sufferers, consider carefully before choosing heavily scented flowers.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is for you or your groom to have puffy eyes and a runny nose from flower pollen.