Choosing Wedding Dresses

It's your wedding day and, as the bride, you are going to be the center of attention. You want to be a showstopper in a wedding dress that makes you look more beautiful than you've ever looked before.

When shopping for a wedding dress, the essential point is you are the show-stopper, not your wedding dress.

You want a wedding dress that suits your body shape and skin tone, enhancing your best assets and hiding or minimizing the parts of your body that you don't like. From years of dressing yourself you should have a sense of the styles that flatter you the most and those that don't quite work.

Lace wedding dressesThe wedding dress is a big decision and can be an expensive one. It really is the centerpiece of the wedding and sets the tone for your groom's outfit and your attendants' attire.

If you're nervous about making a decision on your own, then shop with someone - a sister, girlfriend or your mother - who will give you an honest and open opinion about your choices.

Tips for Wedding Dresses

  • Choose a style that shows off your best body feature
  • Simple and elegant lines are slimming and can be dressed up with gorgeous accessories
  • Choose the right "white" or color for your skin tone
  • Think about the back of the wedding dress - this is what your guests will see during the ceremony
  • You will be spending one very long day in your wedding dress so you have to be comfortable
  • Budget wedding dresses are available so don't feel like you have to spend a fortune

Styles of Wedding Dresses

There are so many different wedding dress styles available it seems like an overwhelming task to choose what is right for you. It is a good idea to try on several different styles, even ones that you hadn't otherwise considered, so you have a sense of what looks good on you.

But before you try on a single wedding dress, the task will be made so much simpler if you and your husband-to-be have decided on an overall wedding theme or style. This will often dictate the style of your wedding dress. Choosing a ball gown wedding dress is not going to suit a beach wedding. Similarly, a figure hugging low-cut v-neck may not be appropriate for a conservative church wedding.

Classic wedding dressThe basic wedding dress styles are:

Ball gown
These wedding dresses have a fitted bodice with a full skirt. If you are full-figured, pear-shaped or thin, this style will suit you.

Empire line
This is a high waisted wedding dress style which is fitted across the bust. The long, loose skirt then drops from immediately underneath the bust. If you are petite or have a fuller waist line, this style will suit you.

An a-line wedding dress is narrow and fitted at the bust and gently flares to a wider hem line. This style suits most body shapes but should be avoided by those with a fuller waist line.

This wedding dress style defines the waist and tightly hugs the natural figure. If you are thin, petite or a toned hour-glass, this style will suit you.

Mermaid style wedding dresses are closely fitted from the bust to the knee, the skirt then flares to a wider hem. If you want to show off your figure, this is the style for you.

Once you've chosen a wedding dress style that suits your body shape, then each one of these styles can be teamed with different necklines to achieve an overall look that best suits you.